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Here are some recent updates in the world of artificial intelligence:

Employee Productivity with Generative AI: Deloitte’s latest report reveals that employees using generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, Midjourney, Claude, and GitHub Copilot can save over 6 hours per week. Interestingly, this productivity boost doesn’t directly lead to job reductions, highlighting the positive impact of AI in the workplace.

Price Wars in Cloud Services for AI: The Chinese cloud computing market is witnessing a price war as companies compete for a share of the artificial intelligence market. Tencent Cloud, for instance, has significantly reduced prices for large AI models, including its popular MixNet-Lite model, which will now be free for API users.

EU's Groundbreaking AI Regulation: The European Union has officially passed the world’s first comprehensive regulation for governing artificial intelligence. The new law establishes rules for various AI technologies, with stricter requirements for high-risk AI systems. The EU aims to set global standards through this legislation.

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